Mindful Pilates in a Welcoming Space

People come to Pilates for many reasons: to get fit, to build flexibility with control, to improve posture and core strength, or to just take some time to focus on themselves. No matter what your reason, I hope my Pilates instruction will help you become the healthiest and happiest you’ve ever been.

Explore Body, Mind, and Core

Personal Instruction

No matter what type of body you have, every body types will get the focused attention and support you desire to meet your personal goals. Our one-on-one training programs will focus your time on the mat, reformer, ladder barrel, spine corrector, or tower and gently push you to take on new challenges. 

Classes & Pricing

All classes are small with private sessions of one or if you want a friend to join, a class of two. The class may be a beginner level or up to advanced, depending on your fitness level and determined after a fitness screening.  No matter what your fitness level, my innovative classes will keep you engaged, challenged and inspired. 

*Classes in Williamsburg are by appointment only. 

Prices per 55 minute class are as follows:

-Private session, mixed equipment: $60

-Duet session, mixed equipment : $45/person 

-Reformer private class: $60
-Reformer class of 2: $45/person 

-Mat: $60
-Mat Duet session: $45/person

* The first session includes a Pilates screen & initial exercise session of 30-40 minutes. 
*After each session, we will review what Mat exercises you can do at home until your next appointment. 

Because goals don’t always stop at the studio, I can help you apply pilates philosophy and practice to your daily life.